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Transport Australia Wide

Our company is based in Clontarf, in the North of Brisbane, however, we cater for customers all over Australia, and we have sent our benchtops to places as far away from Brisbane as Hobart and Perth.

We use a reliable and well-priced courier to send our timber kitchen benchtops to almost anywhere in Australia. For transport they will be packed in industrial bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard.

If you would like to have your timber kitchen benchtops sent by courier, please contact us for a quote. Please note that some of the sizes cannot be sent by courier because of their weight limit.


If we arrange the transport by courier, the goods are covered by insurance against damages and theft. If a benchtop should get damaged in transport, the damaged benchtop needs to be returned in it's original packaging, we will pay for the return freight, and we will exchange it for a new one. Any discounts for damages are at our sole discretion. 

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