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Parawood, botanical name hevea brasiliensis, is a beautiful, light coloured tropical hardwood, sourced from latex plantations. Once these latex producing trees are 25-30 years old and have reached the end of their productive life, they are cut down and used in the furniture production. This makes this timber one of the best choices from an ecological point of view. This timber is plentiful available, which makes it also budget friendly. You don't pay a premium for scarcity and can feel good all around!

As a relative to the maple, it has a very tight grain and is a dense and very stable hardwood, which makes it perfect for kitchen benchtops and many other uses. Manufactured to high quality, these benchtops are suited for many applications and designs, including, but not limited to, work benches, vanity tops, laundry benchtops, office and reception desks, restaurant or bar tables, shop counter tops and many other different applications. 

Our benchtops are raw and pre-sanded to 180 grit, but otherwise untreated. This means that you can still apply any finish you like, e.g. any type of colour wash or rustic treatment, any stain or polyurethane or 2-pak. The width of the staves can vary from 34 - 55mm, the lengths of the staves can vary from 15 - 45cm. The finger joints are hidden on the side and are not visible from the top. There is an A-side and a B-side (underside). The B-side (underside) may include some imperfections. The benchtops have square corners all around and are also available in wide variety of sizes suitable for breakfast bars or table tops.

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