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Products and Prices

Brisbane Timber Benchtops is specialising in A-grade quality glue-laminated timber kitchen benchtops. All 

of our products are either FSC certified, come from sustainable sources (plantations) or both. Below you 

will find a list of products currently available:

Parawood is a light coloured, tropical hardwood, harvested from the latex producing 

trees in latex plantations. Once the trees are 25-30 years old and have reached the 

end of their productive live, they are cut down and used in the timber production. This 

timber is one of the most sustainable timbers available.

Products currently available:

(All prices are inclusive Gst!)


We aim to deliver the best products and services while keeping the prices for our 

customers as low as we can. We can offer the prices we do through the following 


 - no middlemen (we are dealing directly with the factory)

- no fancy store front (we are operating from a warehouse)

- no set opening times (we don't need to pay for a sales person for 8 - 10 hours every 

 day, we are there for you when you are there)

- no customisation (we don't cut to size, finish or install)

All of these measures help us to keep our prices where they are, without compromising 

on product quality.


Simply ring 0435 009 851 or send an e-mail to

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